With its rich history and fabled openness to artists and intellectuals of all descriptions, Berlin not only commands a central role in politics, economics and education on a European and global stage—but it also remains a place of vital cultural exploration. Based around its 110 m2 studio space in the heart of Kreuzberg, four artists a year are invited to participate in a mid-term residency period, lasting between six and twelve weeks. The residency encourages a local and international dialogue and the residents are received from Berlin, wider Germany, Europe and ‘intercontinental’ locations. The residency supports artists with mentorship, curatorial/critical feedback and consultation in their professional practice—positioning itself as a platform for artists at any point in their development; established, emerging, or having recently graduated. With access to a wide array of experience, the project also develops relationships with collectors, writers, journalists, gallerists, institutions and other artists in the city.